AIC is a Non-profit organization dedicated to creating socio-educational programs integrated with sport and is directly related to the youngest. We focus on three main themes: health, education and social inclusion. We have a methodology in which we use athletes and their values to inspire children through the practice of sports . The integral work we do also counts on the active participation of all the training staff.

Our organization is registered and operates from Wetzlar in Germany. Our work is focused on developing and implementing social projects that have a direct connection to sport, health and education. AIC links its programs with its community of athletes and sportspeople, who contribute their knowledge and experience to carry out the programs.

We currently have an ongoing program, Share & Play, which is focused on children between 6 and 16 years old, where we work to promote social inclusion and pursue two main objectives: the reduction of obesity and overweight and the increase of interest in education. We work as a team, coaches, parents and teachers, relying on the co ntent that we create and making children understand and follow the advice or guidelines proposed by the organization.

AIC has different stakeholders, including sports clubs, national federations, athletes, schools, companies and for-profit organizations. Our work brings the different stakeholders together by creating collaborative networks between them locally or internationally. We have the support of the European Handball Federation (EHF) as well as by several international clubs. Players from all over Europe are linked with us and we have a large community of athletes who collaborate with us.

We currently have 7 people working within the organization. Including academic specialists, professionals in the area of physical preparation and social entrepreneurs.


Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport  (Italy)

AICS (Italian Association of Culture and Sport) was established in 1962 as a National Organization of sport promotion. During 50 years AICS has been enlarging its action to different sectors: culture, social policies, social tourism and environment.

Asociación Iniciativa Internacional Joven (AIIJ) (Spain)

Asociación Iniciativa Internacional Joven (AIIJ) is an NGO from Málaga (Spain) created in 2003 from a group of youths who after participating in international programmes and activities, concluded that these experiences had been very important to change their life. Therefore, they decided to share them with other young people, collectives and associations, to enhance the interest in participating in international programs and exchanges, learning languages, realizing voluntary work, raising awareness, tolerance and respect for other cultures, etc. thereby contributing to personal and professional development of young people and adults.

AETOI Thessalonikis (AETOI) (Greece)

The main objectives of AETOI Thessalonikis (AETOI) is supporting people with disabilities. The organization works directly with about 70 children and adults with disabilities, together for the common goal of social participation and inclusion. There are 8 people working in the organisation and those are 3 physical trainers, 1 psychologist, 1 social worker, 2 teachers and 1 secretary. Besides the managing board, several people are offering their voluntary work. The goal for the staff is to learn further informal and non-formal educational techniques and to improve their techniques for promoting volunteering and supporting social inclusion. Therefore, the activities are divided on three sectors:

  • Educational programs: AETOI participates and develops occasionally educational programs for people with disabilities as a part of their overall education. Moreover, the staff, the board, and the athletes participate in European programs such as Erasmus+.
  • Sports: AETOI is operating 3 teams in athletics, 2 teams in basketball, 1 team in swimming, and 1 team in table tennis. Annually, all teams participate in the national championships. AETOI is one of the two not public authorities in Greece that have the accreditation by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports to develop and implement “Sports for all” programs. In 2017 and 2018, AETOI was the club with the most athletes in the national championships among about 80 athletic clubs for disabled. In addition, as part of the dissemination strategy, the club annually organizes basketball tournament for schools from special education.
  • Training programs: AETOI organizes/participates in seminars and conferences for professionals connected to sports disability and disability in general. In addition, they accept and guide/mentoring students from universities that are willing to have an internship/practice in the structure.
University of Sport in Wrocław (WSS) (Poland

The University was established to ensure that educated managers introduced professional and modern marketing and management solutions in their activities and implemented innovations into planning, directing, implemementation and control processes, while using knowledge in the field of social and biological foundations of sport.

The High School achieve their goals through:

  • original training program, corresponding to the realities of Polish sport
  • experienced staff of lectures (theoreticians and practitiones) from both sport and psychology and economic science
  • Innovative and practical forms of education (apprenticeships and workshops)
  • Emphasis on practical knowledge and gaining experience

Competence and continuous development are the most important value for us, which is why we conduct numerous market researches on the basis of sport to get to know the realities of its functioning and how to best adapt the curriculum to them.

The University has 9 proffesors and 8 Experts practitioners.